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Cleaning Products That Will Help You Refresh Your Home This Spring

The arrival of spring can feel like a double-edged sword. The weather warms up, the birds are back and singing, and the fresh air feels like a welcomed reprieve after a long, cold winter. But with the change of the season, you also feel an insatiable urge to tidy up—which takes us back inside again. It’s worth it, though: Spring cleaning isn’t just a ritual we’ve all adopted over generations, but a vital part of keeping your home organized, clean, and healthy. The goal is to complete your annual deep clean quickly—but you also want to ensure that you’ve been thorough. So, how do you get the most out of that elbow grease? Ultimately, it comes down to using the best cleaning products for the job.

Here, we spoke with cleaning professionals, who shared the spring cleaning products you need in your kit—along with some coveted tips and tricks for using them.

Mr. Clean Freak Deep Cleaning Mist Multi-Surface Spray Lemon Zest Bundle

When you’re shopping for spring cleaning supplies, choose multi-purpose products that clean, disinfect, and add a nice scent—all in one pump, says professional organizer Shantae Duckworth. «My favorite product that I use in my home is a power wash. It works magic on caked-on [debris], tough stains, and everything in between,» she says.

Appropriately titled Clean Freak, this lemon-scented multi-surface spray is the definition of a power wash: It can clean kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and more. It’s fast, effective, and won’t take up too much space in your spring cleaning kit.

BISSELL Little Green Pro Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner With Deep Stain Tool

To refresh home textiles and upholstery like curtains, couches, and throw pillows, you can use a steamer to remove bad odors and kill bacteria, says Frej Lewenhaupt, a textile expert and the co-founder and CEO of Steamery. «This process will also help remove wrinkles, which can be especially apparent in curtains, tablecloths, and linens,» he says.

This little (but mighty) steamer and upholstery cleaner from award-winning BISSELL will ensure you’ve disinfected your couch, leaving it fresh and clean for the sunnier days ahead. We love the various head attachments for hard-to-reach areas; they’ll also give your back a break as you steam. Have a pet? This steamer will also fight dander and fur.

Lysol Power Foaming Cleaning Spray for Bathrooms

The goal of spring cleaning is to clean as deeply and thoroughly as possible, making sure to tackle all of the spaces that don’t get a ton of attention throughout the year, says Michael Rubino, an indoor air quality and toxic mold expert, author, and the founder of HomeCleanse Mold Remediation. To ensure your home is as healthy as can be, he recommends giving your sink faucets, showerhead, and other commonly forgotten areas in your bathroom some extra attention. «These spaces can develop a built-up layer of microscopic particles that need to be removed to promote a healthier home,» he says.

Use this foaming cleaning spray from Lysol—which cuts through grime and disinfects at the same time—on these areas. You’ll feel satisfied as you watch the shine return to your hardware with just a few wipes.

Weiman Stainless-Steel Cleaner Kit

Kitchen appliances are some of the most common sites of microbial growth in your home because they use moisture, explains Rubino. «Cleaning them helps remove contaminants like mold spores, bacteria, and mycotoxins, as well as prevent microbial growth in the machines,» he says.

While it’s essential to check with the appliance’s manufacturer for instructions on the best methods, products, and cleaning frequency, if you have stainless-steel iterations, this cleaner is typically safe to use. From your stovetop and refrigerator to your dishwasher and the sink, this solution kills germs and leaves them looking brand new (goodbye fingerprints!).

Endust Plant-Based Multi-Surface Dusting and Cleaning Spray

As you go through your spring cleaning routine—and weekly maintenance, for that matter—don’t forget to dust. Dusting reduces the number of microscopic particles in your indoor environment, so they don’t continue to build up, says Rubino. If you don’t like the chemical smell that dusting products typically leaves, consider this plant-based dust formula—it provides the same deep clean, but with a more subtle scent.

Persik’s Pure Sky Ultra Microfiber Cleaning Glove

Microfiber cloths are invaluable cleaning tools because they are 100 times more effective at removing particles than cotton towels, Rubino says. And when in glove form? It makes it even easier to wipe down surfaces and get to all of the nooks and crannies that require cleaning.

This machine-washable microfiber cleaning glove is dual-sided, allowing you to wipe away dust and clean glass sans streaks. The edges set it apart, allowing you to clean long, narrow gaps quickly and effectively.

Mitey Clean All-Natural Laundry Additive

Take a look around your home and do a mental inventory of everything machine-washable: bathmats, towels, shower curtains, throw blankets, washrags—and so on. Spring is an ideal time to toss these items into the wash with a botanical laundry additive. «This product helps rinse away bacteria and mold spores that get trapped in the fibers of the item,» says Rubino. «As a bonus, it also helps remove particles from the washing machine itself.»

Branch Basics Cleaning Essentials Kit

Courtesy of Branch Basics

For some, bleach is too harsh of a cleaner and can trigger health conditions. However, you still want your home to be bacteria-free and feel tidy and fresh. Try using a botanical cleaner that utilizes natural ingredients to deal with contaminants. «Surfactants in these products then help remove particles from the surface, so they don’t get left behind and continue to build up,» Rubino says.

Branch Basics has a cult following—and for good reason. Their products are well-made, practical, and easy to use. With this starter kit, you’re provided three empty spray bottles and their cleaning concentrate. You simply add water and the concentrate together, give it a shake, and you’re ready to start spring cleaning all of your surfaces.

Tineco Floor ONE Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

If your vacuum has seen better days, consider investing in a HEP option, like this one from Tineco. «The filtration portion of the machine is what sets HEPA vacuums apart,» Rubino explains. «While other machines will filter out the majority of smaller particles, they can’t stop some of the ultra-fine and microscopic particles. The technology behind HEPA filters allows them to filter out and remove smaller particles instead of just blowing them back into the surrounding environment.»

To reach the EPA standard and be qualified as a HEPA filter, these vacuums must filter out 99.7 percent of particles that pass through that are 0.3 microns in size—a pretty impressive feat. While this vacuum is an investment, we love its multi-use options, from wet and dry vacuuming to the ability to traverse hardwood floors, tiles, carpet, and more.

Innova Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum

For a less expensive, but still effective option, consider this versatile and lightweight cordless stick vacuum that breaks through big messes and suctions up dust. One of this vacuum’s best features is how easy it is to clean. As cleaning expert Jill Koch explains, many people overlook the importance of freshening up their vacuums—but they need attention to remain effective. «Vacuum cleaners need to be cleaned every so often,» she says. «When this doesn’t happen, dust and dirt build up inside and will eventually find their way back out and re-dirty the home. Aim to clean vacuums every six months or more depending on the amount of dirt in the home.»

Carbona Pro-Care Oven Rack and Grill Cleaner Kit

Spring signals the return of outdoor cooking and dining—and on those just-right nights, the warmer weather may entice you to fire up the grill and throw on some steaks for dinner. Before you wake it up from hibernation, however, make sure you thoroughly clean your grill, says Carol Mehas, the founder of arbOUR. It’s essential to degrease and fill the tank, wipe down the inside, and do some safety checks to ensure it’s ready for the season.

This grill cleaning kit from Carbona includes everything you’ll need to get the job done, including gloves, a liquid-gel formula, and a large bag to help you penetrate, lift, and remove burnt-on grease and grime.

Clorox Splash-Less Bleach, Concentrated Formula

Bleach can sometimes be intimidating to use, since many people immediately envision accidentally ruining an entire load of laundry, says Tanu Grewal, the chief cleaning officer at AIEn USA. But remember: Bleach isn’t the enemy—it’s actually an incredible tool, especially when it comes to spring cleaning.

«The best thing about bleach is that it is so versatile: It can be used to brighten up the whites in your laundry, wipe down kitchen counters, disinfect your floors, or scrub the grout in between bathroom tiles,» she says. «Plus, not only does it give a deep clean, but bleach disinfects faster and better than most other cleaning solutions—so you’ll feel confident that you and your loved ones are safe from germs, dust, and pollen that often creep in with the change of seasons.»

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